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Processing technology is the key of the hardware industry industrial upgrading
DATE:2019-03-08 13:49:56

Hutch of metal stamping parts and electrical integration, a lot of technology alliance is a cross-industry cooperation, such as aia condole carries on the joint of a. o. Smith water heater, to jointly develop integration ceiling custom electric water heater module. In cooperation with the champions league like asked why not at the same time, the aia condole top, chairman of Shen Xiang points out that the difference of a vector, and always believe that when the champions is an alliance of terminal sales, and benefits to consumers, to reach the terminal sales promotion, stamping parts processing. The aia condole with Smith's strategic cooperation is the terminal manufacturing alliance, the results of the strategic alliance in manufacturing is the product itself, jiaxing spring, lathe parts, stamping parts preferred hagrid, hardware accessories processing, and not just the preferential price.

"Upgrade", is the most appropriate words describe technology alliance. This alliance based on product, is the need to products has the potential to promote together, between enterprises and research and development of products must meet the market demand, successful. Upgrade products will need the support of technology, technology is the key of the hardware industry for product improvement, no advanced technology, hardware product cannot be produced, technology is the driving force for the hardware industry forward, the difference between the stamping parts and castings.