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Prevention of ribbon wet method
DATE:2019-03-08 13:50:38

1, must be to do the prevention. Often let air ribbon factory, have the sun, let the sun shines, is the best.

2, when wet weather comes, we must close each of the Windows of the warehouse, especially the window facing south, can't let damp creep in.

3, we can also use some technology, is the use of desiccant to reduce indoor humidity. Some of the air conditioning and dehumidification function again. Generally this method effect is slow, cannot produce immediate dehumidifying effect.

4, is to hang some desiccant on ribbon warehouse, this can go to the supermarket to buy dedicated to moistureproof desiccant dehumidification.

, is to buy ribbon moisture-proof cabinets, put in safe. But the general cost is higher, the general small ribbon factory also there is no need to use this method.