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Different dyes on the ribbon dyeing plays a role
DATE:2019-03-08 13:54:15

Ribbon dyeing is a common working process, but the dye is a kind of complex organic matter, because a lot of more phyletic, applicable to different ribbon products can play a good effect.

Acid dyes usually applies to protein fiber, nylon fiber, silk and so on, is the main characteristics of bright color, but can not washable, dry cleaning, current application more widely; Alkaline dye is mainly suitable for acrylic, polyester, polyamide fiber, fiber and protein fiber, mainly characterized by bright color, especially suitable for synthetic fibers, but used the natural cellulose, protein fabric not water resistant, resistant to light chroma also have a poor sense of direction; Direct dyes are suitable for cellulose fiber fabrics, washing fastness, resistance to luminosity is differ, but after modification of direct dye the washing color will get very good improvement; Disperse dye is suitable for viscose, acrylic, nylon, polyester, etc, have different washing fastness, polyester, viscose is poorer; Azo fuel suitable for cellulose fabrics, fit in with the gorgeous colour and lustre; Reactive dyes, mostly used for cellulose fiber fabrics, bright color, light, water washing, rubbing, better; Sulphur dyes for cellulose fiber fabric, colour and lustre is gloomy, mainly have a navy blue, black and brown, excellent resistance to light, washing degree, poor resistance to chlorine bleaching degree, long stored fabric damage fiber; VAT dyes for cellulose fiber fabrics, good resistance to light, washing degree, and the resistance to chlorine bleaching and other oxidation bleaching.