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A common classification of trademark ribbon
DATE:2019-03-08 13:51:39

Trademark ribbon is made from all kinds of yarn, can be divided into cotton, polyester, and organic environmental protection class, so it is often referred to as the trademark weaving cotton polyester ribbon terylene label ribbon, etc. Can be used widely in the clothing, luggage label, shoes, textile and furniture brand trademark, and other various industries.

Common have the following several kind of common classification of trademark ribbon have? Generally different material can do different trademark ribbon, if the material points: cotton ribbon polyester label ribbon ribbon SP terylene trademark trademark ribbon ribbon nylon anti-counterfeiting trademark trademark ribbon, etc

If the grain has the following categories: plain trademark ribbon belt ribbon twill label Ultra-thin trademark ribbon bead grain fine trademarks trademark weaving jacquard trademark ribbon ribbon and so on

Above just for your reference, because according to the kind of people used to call not also will be different, as for ribbon factory is a professional manufacturer of trademark ribbon, they his trademark ribbon relatively complete variety, all kinds of customized can meet our requirements, if more can know more about them!